Swimming with Dolphins in Florida

Image Credit: RadioLynxContent at YouTube

How would you like to go swimming with dolphins in the beautiful Florida Keys? How about doing your part to foster the research, rehabilitation, and protection of endangered marine life? The Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in the Florida Keys is a non-profit organization that can provide the best of both worlds for dolphin enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Dolphins’ Extraordinary Intelligence

Image Credit: RadioLynxContent at YouTube

While the DRC does provide people with a opportunity to swim with dolphins, its most fundamental goal is to conduct critical research on marine life, and to educate people about dolphins, their extraordinary intelligence, and why they should be protected everywhere. In this regard, they discover more amazing things about dolphins and their capacities on a daily basis. Yet there is an immense amount to continue to learn, and the DRC serves this function extremely well.

The DRC has been an integral member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network for years. While dolphins serve as its primary emphasis, the DRC also aids the growth, protection, and research of other endangered local marine life, such as:

  • Sea lions

  • Whales

  • Manatees

Dolphin Movies and Animal Rescues

Image Credit: RadioLynxContent at YouTube

The DRC has a rich history with our aquatic friends, as the area was the filming location for the first "Flipper” movie in 1962. In fact, many direct descendants of the dolphin who played Flipper are currently still thriving and creating families of their own at the facility.

There will always be criticisms of keeping any marine animals in captivity. This much is the natural response of any true animal lover. In this regard, however, it is paramount that people understand that the majority of the marine life being taken care of and researched at the DRC are either being rescued from critical injury, unable to survive in their natural habitat, or direct descendants of animals initially brought in. Thus, in order for us to keep learning more about these amazing creatures, organizations such as the DRC must continue to thrive.