Swimming Pool Maintenance: Opening Your Pool

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Opening your swimming pool the correct way is what will ensure you have a great swimming season. In the Opening Your Pool video above, Lowes explains the basics.

Opening your swimming pool is a process that requires a bit of planning ahead. For starters, here are some of the essentials you will need

  • Skimmer net

  • Pool brush

  • Pool vacuum

  • Water test kit

Remove Cove

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube

The first step to opening your swimming pool is often to remove the cover. If the cover has excess water on top, you can pump it off using a hose. Then, remove any excess debris using a pool brush. If the cover sits too low, insert a hose into the pool and fill the pool halfway past the skimmer. Then remove the cover. In order to keep the cover in good shape, make sure it is both clean and dry before you store it.

Check Your Pool Equipment

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube

Now that the cover is off, remove the freeze plugs from the return lines and skimmers. Proceed to reinstall all of your directional fittings and pool accessories. Next, check the mechanical components to see if any of them need repairs, and install any lines or pipes that you stored when you closed the pool the previous season. Before starting the filtration system, you will need to remove the air pressure by opening the release valve. You know the pressure has been removed once you have a steady stream of water. Finally, open the valve on the return line, skimmer line, and main drain, then start the filtration system.

Skim, Brush, and Vacuum

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube – Vacuuming your swimming pool before testing the water.

Next comes the cleaning of the pool. Skim, brush, and vacuum to remove debris from the water.

Once you are through cleaning, let the filtration system run for around 24 hours to get the water circulating.

Test Your Water

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube

After the 24-hour period you can then check the chemistry of the water.

Use your water cleaning products along with the appropriate test kits to ensure your water chemistry is right and your pool water is safe to swim in. This applies whether you use direct chlorine, or one of the more "green” pool chlorine alternatives.

Ready for Summer!

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube

Your swimming pool is now ready to go!

However, now that you have opened it properly it is important that you maintain the health of your pool for the entire swimming season.

The enjoyment of your poolside experience depends on it!