Rust Stains in Your Pool? Take Some Vitamin C

Image Credit: Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 Channel at YouTube

Every pool owner knows that a swimming pool doesn’t stay in pristine condition by itself. All kinds of things get into pools that don’t belong there - jewelry, bobby pins, leaf litter, and insects to name a few.

One of the unwelcome things that appear when metals are in your pool is: rust. Rust stains can show up on the bottom of your pool, or on horizontal steps, when something containing iron falls in and stays there for a while. It can also show up as an orange stain along the sides of the pool, because of iron in the water.

How to get rid of rust? Surprisingly, Vitamin C (with ascorbic acid) will do the trick, as long as you can get to the places where the stains are and rub on them with the Vitamin C.

How to Spot Treat a Rust Stain in Your Pool

The video above shows how to spot treat a rust stain. Before you start, make sure there’s no chlorine in your pool. Chlorine tends to absorb the ascorbic acid, so it works against you.

If it’s within reach, take a Vitamin C tablet in your hand and rub it on the stain. This is very effective, and usually removes small rust stains quickly. Ascorbic acid is strong; it can remove a little of the blue color from the pool plaster around the stain.  So be careful that you don’t get too enthusiastic and leave obvious spots that are much lighter than the rest of the pool.

If the rust stain is in a spot that you can’t reach, then you can crush some Vitamin C tablets inside a sock, and use a pole to lower the sock down to the stain. Then do your best to rub the ascorbic acid-filled sock back and forth on the stain with the pole. This way doesn’t work as well as rubbing the tablets directly against the stain, but it often gets the job done nevertheless.