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Pool Cleaning: The Necessity of Owning Swimming Pools

Pristine swimming pools draw people in like flies to honey on a hot summer day. However, when pool cleaning is not optimized for your weather conditions and use, you run the risk of spreading recreational water illnesses that turn summertime …

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Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer - Pool Supplies and Maintenance

f you are a homeowner, one of the best things to have is a pool. Owning your own pool gives you the chance to cool off whenever you want. Pools are nice during the summer, but in order to have …

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Sunshine and Swimming Pools: Living The Florida Dream

It’s the middle of winter, and while other states are covered in snow, you can walk outside and feel the rays of the sun caress your skin as the wet embrace of a beautiful swimming pool beckons you to enjoy the …

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Pool Chemicals: Why it's Best to Trust a Pro

Keeping Your Pool Clean Swimming pools are nice luxuries that most people wished they had.  To get nothing but the best from your pool, you should consider hiring a professional pool cleaning service to handle the chemicals and routine maintenance.  …

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Rust Stains in Your Pool? Take Some Vitamin C

Image Credit: Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 Channel at YouTube Every pool owner knows that a swimming pool doesn’t stay in pristine condition by itself. All kinds of things get into pools that don’t belong there - jewelry, bobby …

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Bears Take a Swim in Naples Florida Pool

Image Credit: JustClickHERE Channel at YouTube A Florida homeowner recently received visitors to her pool that she’d never anticipated. TJ Ozbay lives in Naples, Florida, and,like many Floridians, enjoys the fun and relaxation that comes along with an outdoor pool. However, relaxation …

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Swimming is Good for Your Joints

The Benefits of Swimming for Arthritis One of the best ways to mitigate the pain and stiffness of arthritis while not causing additional irritation is to engage in swimming and other water-based exercise. Image Credit: Fort Rucker Image Caption: John Edmunds, …

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UV Water Treatment for Swimming Pools

mage Credit: pds209 Image Caption: Vintage Outdoor Swimming Pool Many private and public pool owners have decided to use chlorine alternatives for their swimming pools. Among these alternatives, two of the top solutions are saltwater pools and UV (ultraviolet) systems. Saltwater …

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Swimming with Dolphins in Florida

Image Credit: RadioLynxContent at YouTube How would you like to go swimming with dolphins in the beautiful Florida Keys? How about doing your part to foster the research, rehabilitation, and protection of endangered marine life? The Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in the Florida Keys …

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Swimming Pool Maintenance: Opening Your Pool

Image Credit: Lowes at YouTube Image URL: Opening your swimming pool the correct way is what will ensure you have a great swimming season. In the Opening Your Pool video above, Lowes explains the basics. Opening your swimming pool is a process that …

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