Bears Take a Swim in Naples Florida Pool

Image Credit: JustClickHERE Channel at YouTube

A Florida homeowner recently received visitors to her pool that she’d never anticipated. TJ Ozbay lives in Naples, Florida, and,like many Floridians, enjoys the fun and relaxation that comes along with an outdoor pool. However, relaxation was not her state of mind when three enormous black bears invited themselves into her back yard.

Her husband was in New York, and she was the only one home when the bears arrived. They casually pushed through the screen of the lanai surrounding the pool and began playing in the water.

TJ called 911, and then watched fearfully through her sliding glass door as members of the bear family lolled around, jumped in and out of the pool, and generally had a good time.

Fortunately, while witnessing this from inside, TJ captured it with her I-Phone video recorder. At one point the bears - looking curiously around - were within inches of the glass door.

Ozbay explains to WBBH-TV, "I think it was the sound of the hose that attracted them … I closed all of the doors and the curtains and ran inside. I told the bears to get out of here – go away I said, don’t come inside. It was very, very scary.”

The Three Bears Ran Away

North American Black bears like to swim, and they hunt for fish in rivers and streams, so it may be reasonable for a bear to check out a water source for food and fun.

Black bears are also intelligent and curious, which may be another reason why they had the desire to explore TJ’s swimming pool. But in general, they don’t interact much with humans – they are shy and they go out of their way to avoid confrontations. There are very few records of black bears attacking humans.

After about an hour of frolicking, the bears ran away on their own – assumedly back to the nearby woods. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has said they are considering setting traps to capture the bears, so at this point, the future of the bears is uncertain.

One Thing that is Certain…

While the staff at Panther Amphibian can’t ensure that bears won’t visit your Florida swimming pool, one thing we can ensure is that we can keep your Florida swimming pool clean and beautiful.